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1601 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18102

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Our Heritage A Family Tradition since 1895

Since 1895, the J.S. Burkholder Funeral Home has been an institution in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where the name has become the hallmark for dignified, distinctive, helpful service during a family's most poignant moments. Established by J.S. Burkholder in 1895, its reputation and experience have come down through four generations, including two father and son teams.

After the death of the founder in 1926, the business was conducted by his widow, Elizabeth Burkholder, and their son Robert L. Burkholder, a respected leader in many areas of community life. His death in 1951 again made changes necessary and Harry Mike Weber, who had been associated with him, became the managing partner under an arrangement in which the surviving members of the Burkholder family shared.

Weber acquired the business in 1971 and conducted it under the name of his predecessors and in the traditions he and they had so firmly established. When he died in 1976, his wife Mary K. Weber, and their son, Michael A. Weber, a graduate of East Stroudsburg State College and Simmons College of Mortuary Science, became the owners. In 2012, after several years of discussion and study, Michael sold his interest to his hand-picked successor, Carl F. Schmoyer III, who is a fifth generation Lehigh County licensed funeral director.

Today, J.S. Burkholder Funeral Home is the only funeral establishment in Allentown selected for membership in the Selected Independent Funeral Homes. This means that it accepts the highest standards of good funeral practice; gives full effect to the role of the clergy; respects all faiths, creeds, and customs; assures those it serves the right of personal choice and decision-making in funeral arrangements; makes funerals available in as wide a range of price categories as necessary to meet the needs of all segments of the community; and applies a standard of complete honesty in all dealings.

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